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Why We’re Different

There’s no shortage of homebuyers out there, but selling your property is a complex process – you need to make sure you put your trust into the right hands. At Apollo Home Buyers, we pride ourselves on putting sellers at the center of each step of the sales process, ensuring you can do everything your way.

PROTECT YOURSELF with our BULLETPROOF Selling Guide. The TRUTH about “CASH BUYERS”, are they even REAL?

Selling Guide

Want to know the truth about selling your home? There is a MUST HAVE that you need to incorporate into your thought process BEFORE making such a big decision. And we will give it to you for FREE! The truth is that 99% of those folks promising “Cash” for your house don’t actually have the cash to buy it. Which means YOU ARE AT RISK when working with them.

This guide will quickly arm you with the RIGHT questions to ask when selling your home to anyone (even me) so that you can be confident in knowing you’re well taken care of and avoiding any risk.

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Regardless of why you’re moving and what condition your house is in, we can probably help you sell. We can assist with the following situations:

  • Properties That Need Repairs or Renovations
  • Inherited Properties
  • Damaged Houses (From Fire, Water, or Mold)
  • Anyone Facing a Personal Emergency or Financial Issues
  • Issues With Tenants
  • Vacant Properties
  • Houses With Structural Problems
  • Anyone Relocating


All Situations:

  • Divorce
  • Problems with Tenants
  • Inherited Properties
  • Bankruptcy
  • Health Problems
  • Relocation
  • Downsizing
  • Upgrading

All Conditions:

  • Fire Damage
  • Filled with Clutter
  • Storm Damage
  • In Need of Repairs or Renovation
  • Unfinished Construction
  • Outdated Houses
  • New Houses
  • Termite Damage

All Problems:

  • Behind on the Mortgage
  • Low Equity
  • Title Issues
  • Large Liens
  • Code Violations
  • Property Out of Area
  • Financial Problems
  • Foreclosure


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Standard Home BuyersApollo Home Buyers
Fees of at least 6% (of total purchase price)NO fees
Unclear offers and need for negotiationTransparent and generous offers
Require repairs, cleaning, and renovationSell your house in its current state (NO repairs or renovations needed)
Have to accommodate showings and open housesMinimal intrusion
2-3 months wait to sell homeWe have closed in 3 days, pending clear title

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