Untap More Opportunities and Increase Your Commission

As an ambitious realtor, you no doubt want to maximize the number and value of house sales on your books without making life hard for yourself. At Apollo Home Buyers, our aim is to help as many homeowners as possible to sell their properties, regardless of their condition or circumstances. Could we be a match made in heaven?

Working with us means:

  • Doubling or tripling your commission
  • Receiving help with closing more complex sales
  • Increasing your access to opportunities and sellers
  • Working with cash offers (meaning greater flexibility with closing times)
  • Continuing to represent the transactions you’re involved in
  • Making your life and work easier through our guidance

We’re different — we have: 

  • Our own construction management team
  • An operations team that oversees every step in the process
  • Relationships with realtors and other professionals
  • Modern renovation options
  • A commitment to integrity and discretion

And that’s not all. As a locally-owned firm that takes pride in fostering relationships with clients and the local community, you won’t just be working with a robot that cares about numbers and little else.

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