Meet the Team

Jim Garrett

Jim Garrett has an extensive business background. Born and raised in San Diego, CA, he and his wife and business partner (Patty) were successful McDonald’s franchisees for 25 years in New England and currently are franchisees with Club Pilates in Charleston. Having moved to Charleston in 2018 to open their most recent business, Jim currently leads the Apollo Home Buyers team to help find solutions to alleviate the financial obligations that occur for many homeowners, as well as finding the perfect investment property for those looking to expand their portfolio. Jim is an avid golfer and loves to travel with Patty to explore and scuba dive

Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell is a Real Estate Investment Strategist and Certified Fund Manager who partners with CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs across the country to grow both net worth and cash flow in order to accelerate their path to retirement. After spending nearly a decade in pharmaceutical, medical, and other B2B sales, Matthew understands the obstacles professionals face in paying off huge student debt, growing and operating a successful business, and clearing a path to financial freedom. Working initially in real estate as a licensed REALTOR® focused on finding, analyzing, and acquiring investment properties for professionals, he ultimately found his way to consulting for a large institutional real estate investment firm as the Director of Renovation.

Having bought, renovated, and either resold or rented over 5600 single family residential properties in the past 7 years, Matthew knows what truly drives effective real estate investment and portfolio growth – and it’s not mastering the investment strategy flavor of the week. It is maintaining the consistency and focus of the strategy, becoming an expert at it, and leveraging your network. Matthew has built a robust network of highly successful real estate investors across the country and is primed to leverage these relationships moving forward. Matthew holds a BA in Sales and Marketing from the University of Louisville.

Brittany Garrett

Brittany Garrett was born and raised in rural South Carolina. She currently resides in Holly Hill, SC with her husband, John and their three (3) awesome sons. Brittany worked in the banking industry for over ten (10) years before joining Apollo Home Buyers in 2017. Brittany handles the finance side of all our real estate purchases. She is responsible for ensuring funding is secured for every property we buy so you can walk away from the attorney’s office with a check in your hand. She is the master of the “detail stuff” and certifies everything is done correctly. Brittany enjoys spending time with her family, their cats, and baking.

Rand Ahmadieh

Rand Ahmadieh was born and raised in Dallas, TX. She currently resides in Evans, GA with her husband, Samah. Rand worked in the Cosmetics Industry for 6 years for a small business, wearing many hats and learning all aspects of business and brand development. She then worked for a Real Estate Investment Coaching Company for 4 years, where she gained her love and interest in helping find solutions for distressed homeowners and Real Estate Investing as a whole. At Apollo Home Buyers, Rand is the Acquisition Manager and takes pride in making connections with homeowners and offering her best solutions for each individual. She is a great listener and very detail oriented and uses this to ensure homeowners are heard and their unique situation is taken into account. Rand loves spending time with her family, reading and traveling to explore new cities.

Tiffany Brown

Tiffany Brown was born and raised in Wilmington, NC but has considered Augusta her second home her entire life. As a Augusta University Alum, she has a fondness for all things Augusta and shares the vision and values of the community. She draws on broad industry experience and networks to create the most powerful outcomes for our clients. Her goal as Acquisition Manager is to bring education and knowledge to the public by making the process more attainable and less intimidating while still having fun! When she’s not busy with her garden, she is
spending time with her family, Netflixing and chilling, or simply checking out what’s new in Augusta.