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After seeing how much effort homeowners put into selling their homes, you may not be too thrilled about the idea. After all, not everyone has the time or money to undertake necessary repairs, or the patience to handle an open house and multiple last-minute viewings.

Fortunately, the average homeowner does have other options. Read on to learn how you can sell your house without a realtor.

Why Sell Your House Without a Realtor?

Before you begin looking at your sales options, you may be wondering why selling without the assistance of a realtor may be worth your while. It’s not uncommon to see realtor sales signs on the lawns of many homes for sale.

Convenience, money, and speed are some of the many reasons why selling directly to home buyers is a preferred option for many homeowners. If your property is tenanted, you may not find it easy to organize open homes, make necessary repairs, and request that your tenants vacate for viewings.

Some homeowners also decide to sell to professional home buyers because they need to sell quickly or don’t have the money to bring their property up to a liveable standard. Even avoiding the expensive realtor fees may make you prefer the convenience and affordability of a private sale.

Starting the Private Sale Process

Deciding to sell your property can be a big decision, but it’s often the fear of complicated sales processes that cause the most stress. You can start the straightforward sales process with a private buyer by making contact to describe your property.

A professional buyer like Apollo Home Buyers can ask questions about your property and may also request to visit it. If it meets their requirements, you can receive a fast cash offer, which you’re under no obligation to accept.

Closing a Private House Sale

When you go through the house sales process with a real estate agent, there are generally many meetings, many prospective buyers, and a whole lot of stress. That’s unlikely to be the case with private purchasers.

When you accept the cash offer put forward by the buyer, they will open escrow and all you have to do is wait. In around seven business days, or to a timeline that works for you, you can receive the money for your property.

After-Sale Management

If you have ever sold a property through a real estate company before, you may be familiar with how intensive it can be. Even after signing on the dotted line, the new buyer might have preferences about how you leave the property.

You might have to make repairs you possibly hadn’t anticipated, and they may have requested that you undertake a deep clean before vacating. When you sell to a reputable home buyer, you simply need to pack up your possessions and move out. There’s no need to pick up a broom.

You often hear horror stories of people selling their homes and being under a great deal of stress. With Apollo Home Buyers, that doesn’t have to be your story. Get a fast offer to sell your home, and receive cash in as little as seven days. It couldn’t be easier.