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Homeowners decide to sell up and move on for many different reasons. They might have had a rental property with troublesome tenants, a home damaged by natural disasters, or one they inherited or can no longer afford to keep. They might even simply want to upgrade to something else or move to another city quickly.

No matter the reason, you may be wondering whether you can sell your home quickly and with minimal hassle. It’s possible, and here are some steps you may need to take.

Step 1: Choose a Sales Method

When time is of the essence, your sales method counts for a lot. You may not have several weeks, or even months, for a buyer to sign on the dotted line. Instead, you want to be free of your homeowner obligations in a matter of days.

That’s why choosing a sales method, such as selling to a professional home buyer, is one of the most crucial steps to take. Deciding to sell by yourself or with a real estate agent may mean you’re waiting weeks for the right buyer to come along, all the while having to put time and effort into open homes and negotiations.

When you decide to sell to a property investor who renovates and resells homes, you generally get to enjoy a smooth and stress-free sales process.

Step 2: Contact a Professional Buyer

Once you’ve decided to sell your home to a professional property purchaser, you can contact them online or over the phone. Making initial contact is as easy as providing a phone number, email address, and property address.

You can also describe the property and outline its main features, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, garaging, yard size, and location. However, buyers generally have this information at their fingertips online.

Step 3: Wait for An Offer

Unlike traditional sales methods that could see you waiting 45 days for your home’s sale to be completed, you only have to wait a mere fraction of that time for an offer from a professional buyer. They visit your home, do their due diligence, and make an offer based on the property’s condition, location, and market values.

Generally, you can know whether property investors will make an offer on your home in a matter of hours, which is good news when you’re trying to move on with your life as quickly as possible.

Step 4: Accept the Offer

When you accept the offer, there are usually no closing fees for homeowners who choose to sell in this way, and you also don’t need to worry about costly realtor expenses. Professional buyers also won’t include any clauses for repairs, maintenance, or renovations, which means you can sell your property in its current state to save time and money.

Step 5: Close and Move Out

Within 10 days, you can be packed up, moved out, and ready to start your new adventure. Investors can close quickly, and you can choose when you want to move out to ensure you experience the most convenient and stress-free home selling process.

Whatever your reason for selling fast, you’ll be pleased to know it’s entirely possible. With professional buyers like Apollo Home Buyers on your side, you can receive an offer, accept it, and be on your way within days. Now might be the right time to start looking at your house selling options.