Fox Business: Squatters, be gone! How to keep your property safe and secure from unwanted occupants

Unfortunately, while most people can’t prevent squatters, there are some things you can do to make them less likely to come into your properties, Matthew Bell, CEO with Apollo Property Group in Charleston, South Carolina, told FOX Business. The most important thing a property owner can do to prevent squatters is also the easiest, said Bell. Property owners and investors need to avoid investing in areas that tend to be anti-landlord or pro-squatter, he said.

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REI Club: Wholesalers Are a Huge Untapped Opportunity for Realtors

Real estate agents regularly collaborate with various professionals in the industry to provide an exceptional home buying and selling experience for their clients. One of the critical relationships that can significantly benefit you, as a Realtor, is with real estate wholesalers. But what exactly is wholesaling? And how can real estate agents effectively collaborate with wholesalers? I wrote this article to explain the essentials of real estate wholesaling and offer valuable insights and tips for working with wholesalers.

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Benzinga: How To Thrive In A Real Estate Market Slowdown

As real estate professionals, we all face the inevitable market slowdown from time to time. Whether it’s just a seasonal lull or a full on recession, it’s crucial to adapt quickly to find ways to thrive when others struggle. Based on my own experience over the span of two decades, I’ve identified five key strategies that will help you succeed during these challenging times, which is what I’m going to share with you here today to help you thrive through the upcoming market slowdown.

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Benzinga: Institutional Investors’ Build-To-Rent Homes Skew Market

Institutional investors in single-family rental housing should be kept in check to curb the danger of making both homeownership and rental unaffordable, real estate investor and fund manager Matthew Bell said. “I worked for a fund,” Bell said. “I know what goes on behind the scenes. I would say it is not unfair for it to be presented to Congress as predatory.” Institutional investors have committed more than $60 billion to buy single-family homes over the past year, according to a report by YardiMatrix.

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The Virtual Investor: Revolutionizing Real Estate for Homeowners

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Benzinga: 3 Reasons Every Realtor Should Also Be A Real Estate Investor

As a real estate professional competing amongst a staggering 1.6 million+ licensed Realtors today, you need every competitive advantage you can find. Especially as the market weakens and transactions slow. There are, of course, several obvious ways you can do this, including building a strong personal brand, consistently networking with buyers, sellers, and referral partners, and implementing a marketing funnel, one strategy that you might not have considered is becoming a real estate investor.

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Daily Flash: Mortgage Survival Guide

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Benzinga: What Real Estate Agents Need To Know About Working With Wholesalers

Real estate wholesaling is a controversial topic, with some people seeing it as a viable investment strategy, while others, like me, tend to view it (mostly) as unethical and predatory. My views on this topic are based on what I’ve seen first hand. Both as a real estate investor and a real estate agent, so in this article, I’m going to delve into the world of wholesaling, exploring the risks and benefits of working with wholesalers from the perspective of a real estate agent as well as from the perspective of the homeowner.

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Grit Daily: Real Estate Expert Matthew Bell Warns of Impending Industry Disruption

“It’s bigger than any one factor,” Bell says. “Interest rates and inflation are high, but they’ve been higher in the past. And transaction volume has been lower in the past as well. But with record high home prices, supply chain issues, and very little consumer confidence in our economy, the industry is facing a proverbial ‘perfect storm’ where all of these factors together are creating a massive and, in my opinion, unavoidable disruption that is going to rock our industry.”

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Daily Flash: Real Estate Outlook 2023

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Real Estate Speakers profile: Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell got into real estate when he saw it was an opportunity to serve others while doing something both challenging and rewarding. Soon after, he realized that there were a lot of people in the industry who were self-serving and unqualified, and that was hurting the very people the industry was supposed to serve, so he set out on a mission to change that. That’s when his company, The Apollo Property Group was born. Since then, the company has purchased thousands of properties, many from homeowners who had unexpectedly become unable to afford their mortgages. Now Apollo Property Group provides struggling homeowners much needed relief and a fresh start, makes high quality homes available to renters, and offers an investing opportunity for others through the company’s fund.

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